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Thank you for visiting the Association of Transcribers and Speech-to-Text Providers.

We support and spread awareness about live, meaning-for-meaning captioning.


Advancing Communications without Barriers

Our Beliefs

    1. Speak Truthfully: Every word matters. We’re here to capture them right.
    2. Learn & Share: Spread the word! Everyone should know about speech-to-text.
    3. Connect & Grow: Together, we’re stronger. Let’s build bridges and share stories.
    4. Communication For All: If you speak, you should be heard. No exceptions.
    5. Be The Change: From classrooms to communities, we’re making noise for equal access.
    6. Always Improving: Communication changes, and so do we. Keeping it real and relevant.
    7. We’ve Got Your Back: Need info or help with speech-to-text? Look no further!
    8. Dream Big: Imagine a world without barriers. That’s where we’re headed.

These beliefs guide our every action, decision, and initiative. Together, we’re advancing communications without barriers


ATSP is looking for volunteers

We need board members to help us run our little organization. Do you have ideas on how to build a community for TypeWell and C-Print providers, clients, and their families? Do you want or have any non-profit experience? Do you or anyone you know have legal experience? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, we would love to have you join our Board. We are a group of like-minded, highly motivated individuals who have a lot of ideas and passion. We are looking for members who can match and direct that passion with focus, as we move forward with our rebranded organization into 2024. Please email us your resume and a cover letter: info@atspnetwork.org. We look forward to hearing from you!

Upcoming & Past Events

The Transcription Power Couple: ASR and Human Transcribers Unite

July 13, 2023

Annual Event

October 20, 2023

White coffee mug cup on copy space dark sofa with text inscription TRANSCRIBER, means Transcriptionist or a person who listen to recorded audio video or other media and transcribe to writing words
Upcoming Event

September 22, 2023

ATSP Membership Options



Our individual memberships include 1st time members, repeat members who are active as well and those who moved on and are inactive. We also have individual memberships for non-providers.



Our organizational memberships include memberships for non-profits (e.g., universities, colleges, and schools) as well as employers, providers, and agencies.




For those who wish to give an extra boost to the goals of ATSP. Your contributor name will be included in our “Made Possible By: …” page/events. Option to fund specific projects and goals.


What People Have to Say

Tiara Waters

“Having transcription services has completely changed my educational experience…. It’s so nice being able to know what’s going on around me. I wouldn’t be able to participate or learn as effectively without the transcribers. For that, I am so thankful. Thank you for making being successful within my grasp.”

Ben Capellan

“I am an oral deaf student in a mainstream high school. I have had a TypeWell transcriber that transcribes all my classes in real time since 5th grade. Without TypeWell I would not have access to my education and would not be heading to college. My transcribers are my ears!!! Thank you TypeWell.”

Mary Gerard

Director of Accessibility Resources, Bellingham Technical College

TypeWell is a resource students can depend on – they actively use the transcripts sent by their transcriber to create their own study strategies. And in the moment, students are able to read along and follow important aspects of class discussion and instructor guidance.”